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Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation Receives Grant to Provide Learning Opportunities in After-School and Summer Programs

LINCOLN, NEB.– The Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation was awarded a two-year Expanded Learning Opportunity Grant funded by proceeds of the Nebraska Lottery approved by the Nebraska State Board of Education. The nearly $89,000 grant will provide hands-on enrichment activities and services delivered by after-school and summer programs across Nebraska until June 2024.

The Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation has partnered with the Nebraska Department of Education, Nebraska Game & Parks, and Midwest Dairy Association on the project. The project titled, “Walk to Unlock Nebraska – An Interactive Agricultural and Historical Adventure,” will provide Community Learning Centers (CLC) across Nebraska the opportunity to engage in both a physical activity program and STEAM- (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) focused educational materials.

“The partnership lends a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and resources to create a great experience for students and reach a wider audience. We are excited to collaborate with each of these groups,” said Courtney Shreve, director of outreach education for the Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation.

The goal of the program is to increase access to physical activity opportunities and access to historical, agricultural, and STEAM curriculum. Each participating Community Learning Center will utilize the Walk Across Nebraska program to track the miles students walk on an interactive map. Four different trails with multiple stops will lead participants on a virtual walk across the state. Each stop on the map will provide an extended learning opportunity in the form of a video, book, poster, or curriculum piece to draw connections to the information students are learning in their daily classrooms.

“Agriculture is a natural fit for this project. With approximately 91 percent of Nebraska’s land used for agriculture, this project will provide an opportunity for students to walk virtually across the state and see crops, livestock, and agribusinesses through videos, virtual field trips, and curriculum,” said Shreve.

The Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation will build out family engagement materials to help Nebraska families understand how agriculture impacts their lives. Specifically, the team will provide curriculum, marketing materials, and community connections with volunteers to lead agricultural literacy efforts.

The mission of the Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation is to engage youth, educators, and the general public to promote an understanding of the vital importance of agriculture in the lives of all Nebraskans. The Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. For more information about the Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation, visit

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