Nebraska Agriculture in the Classroom is pleased to provide second-grade classrooms with Cafeteria Chronicles. On September 1, 2022 25 copies of the first edition: Pizza! were mailed to every elementary in Nebraska.

Cafeteria Chronicles is an exclusive resource for Nebraska second-grade classrooms and aligns with content area standards for language arts, social studies, and science. This resource introduces students to where the food they eat comes from in Nebraska. Students will explore the farm to table concept through educational activities and lessons.

Cafeteria Chronicles can serve as a large class discussion piece, an activity for small groups or individuals, or an at-home enrichment resource. Use the corresponding Teacher’s Guide that contains classroom integration ideas, Nebraska content area standards connections, and a glossary.

Students today are becoming further removed from food sources. Cafeteria Chronicles aims to bridge the gap between farm to table by equipping students with the knowledge of how food grows and becomes a meal from farmers in Nebraska while helping teachers accomplish learning outcomes.

Nebraska Agriculture in the Classroom recognizes the wisdom, creativity, and dedication teachers invest in the classroom. The goal of Nebraska Agriculture in the classroom is to support you with lesson plans and activities that enhance classroom learning. We invite you to explore this resource and engage students in a conversation about agriculture!

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Cafeteria Chronicles: Pizza!

Pizza is the world’s most popular food – it’s even on your cafeteria tray at school! Dig into this delicious story to find out more about how pizza begins on a farm and makes its way to your cafeteria tray.