Make a Gift

When most folks think about Nebraska Farm Bureau, insurance and advocacy are the first things they mention but did you know that we also have a foundation? Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation is nearly three years old and is working each and every day to further Agriculture Literacy, Consumer Education, and Leadership Development and provides scholarships and student loan forgiveness grants. We are able to do this because of grateful donors who believe in our mission and who help us do the work we do by volunteering and by those who support our vision.

Giving to Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation may be the natural way for you to help ensure that the next generation of Nebraskans know about their food, fuel, and fiber and understand the importance that agriculture holds for our state.

Cash Gifts

The most common and immediate gift is writing a check made payable to Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation. This type of gift provides immediate access to funds for The Foundation and can provide you with a charitable income tax deduction. You can also make this type of gift online using a credit card.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

You can set up a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual gift schedule using our EFT option. You set the amount that you would like to give and the schedule you want for each gift. We will then honor your request using the bank account or credit card of your choice. This vehicle is a great way to budget your giving. Contact us to set up your EFT at (402) 421-4747 or email to learn more.

Gifts of Grain or Other Agricultural Commodities

The gift of grain or other agriculture commodities is a great way to support the programs of the Foundation. It is a simple way to make a lasting difference.

Benefits of Gifting Grain
For farm/ranch operators, gifting grain directly, rather than selling the grain and making a gift from proceeds, may provide a more significant tax savings. Contributing grain allows you to avoid the sale of the commodity as income, while the productions costs may still be deductible. Reducing taxable income may provide advantages such as minimizing or eliminating self-employment tax and reducing adjusted gross income.

Gifts of agriculture commodities such as grain or livestock will be accepted after notifying the Foundation in advance of the gift. The donor must be willing and able to transport the agriculture commodity to market without any cost to the Foundation. The gift must follow the the Foundation’s transfer procedures.

Honorary and Memorial Gifts

A gift made to honor someone is a way to lift them up by recognizing the importance they played in your life. Additionally, it is a great way to establish a link to the past and promote the future of agriculture.

Matching Gifts

Some employers have matching gift programs. Check with your employer to learn if your gift would qualify for a match. If it does, send us the paperwork to complete and we will do so.

Stocks or Bonds

Giving stocks or bonds may provide you with tax benefits. If you have owned a security for more than one year and the fair market value has increased since you purchased it, you may be able to avoid capital gains tax and receive a charitable income tax deduction equal to the fair market value. Check with your tax advisor to verify your individual tax benefit.

Real Estate

A gift of real estate that has been held for more than a year also has the advantage of potentially providing you with a charitable deduction based on the current fair market value, as well as by possibly bypassing capital gains on the tax appreciation. Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation does require an EPA study on a gift of land prior to accepting the land as a gift. Check with your tax advisor to verify your individual tax benefit before contacting us.