Join the Movement: Grow Agriculture Awareness

In celebration of National Agriculture Week 2024 (March 17-23), volunteers throughout the state will wear a limited-edition Agriculture Week t-shirt and share on social media how and where they help grow Nebraska through their connection to agriculture. When people understand agriculture, we become citizens that can make informed decisions for our families and communities.

How to participate?
  • Step 1: Purchase a limited-edition, Ag Week 2024 shirt for $17 (S-XL), $19 (2XL), $20 (3XL, 4XL) *Shipping calculated at checkout.
    • The online store will open February 12-16, 2024.
  • Step 2: Wear Ag Week shirt on March 19.
  • Step 3: Post a photo on social media wearing the shirt and share how your connection to agriculture grows Nebraska.  
  • Step 4: Be entered to win prizes using the hashtags #HereWeGrow and #TalkAboutAg
  • Step 5: Continue to wear the shirt throughout the year to keep the conversation going!
Who can participate?

YOU! Anyone who eats food, wears clothes, or uses fuel for transportation!

How to purchase a shirt?

Act fast! Purchase your limited-edition shirt on a short time schedule!

Purchase a shirt (or two) at our online store between February 12-16. This is the only time the store will be open to offer this shirt. Your order will be shipped directly to you just in time for National Agriculture Week!

How to join on social media?
  • Snap a photo of yourself in your t-shirt, whether you’re on the farm, in the classroom, or in your office!
  • Create a post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the photo. Share how you see agriculture helping communities in Nebraska grow and thrive.
  • Use the hashtags #TalkAboutAg #HereWeGrow
How to win cool prizes?

When you use the hashtags #TalkAboutAg and #HereWeGrow you’ll be entered to win cool prizes!