Connecting Chapters

Mentorship | Service | Partnership

Connecting Chapters is a program that equips high school FFA members to connect with elementary students and peers to increase agricultural literacy – awareness, knowledge, and appreciation, in their communities.

In the 2023-2024 school year, participating chapters will:

  1. Complete a chapter or regional training.
  2. Read and donate a book to an elementary classroom.
  3. Plan and lead one agricultural literacy activity in their local school.
  4. Connect with their local County Farm Bureau to learn more about Nebraska Farm Bureau and receive a community connection.

All program materials and training are provided at no cost.

If you have questions about the Connecting Chapters program, please contact Courtney Shreve.

The development of this program was supported in part by the National Agriculture in the Classroom grant no. 2017-38858 from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

Sign Up is now closed. If you are interested in participating for the 2023-2024 school year, please contact Courtney Shreve.

Task 2: Read and Donate

To Complete the Task:

  1. Read the book My Family’s Soybean Farm in a classroom of your choice.
  2. Donate the book to the school library or classroom.
  3. Confirm your participation and submit a photo of your book reading experience.

Tip: My Family’s Soybean Farm is a great fit for third – fifth grade classrooms.

Please submit a photo by December 1, 2022.

You may wish to enhance your book reading experience. Check out these ideas!

Bean Seed Cycle

  • Students explore how soybeans are grown by farmers, examine seed anatomy, and observe the germination of a soybean.

Topsy Turvy Soybeans

  • Students observe how plants respond to gravity by germinating soybeans in a CD case and rotating the case as they grow.

Literature Guide: Auntie Yang’s Great Soybean Picnic

  • Read another story to discover how soybeans are used in other cultures!

Curriculum Matrix

  • Search for a lesson on your own to enhance the experience!

Task 3: Plan and Lead One Agricultural Literacy Activity

Choose one activity from your Connecting Chapters binder and a classroom of your choice to complete task three!

Please submit a photo and report by April 30.

TIP: Wear your FFA jacket or t-shirt when leading the activity! A great time to do this would be FFA Week or National Ag Week in March!

Task 4: Partner with Your Local County Farm Bureau

An ongoing task for FFA chapters is to receive mentorship and support from local County Farm Bureau leaders. A successful year in the Connecting Chapters program will result in the FFA chapter and County Farm Bureau leader connecting so FFA leaders can learn more about the local Farm Bureau activity.

FFA Chapters have been asked to reach out to their County Farm Bureau contact by December 1 to arrange a meeting prior to the end of the school year.