Ag Pen Pal Program

The Ag Pen Pal Program connects farmers and ranchers with classrooms to help students understand where their food, fiber, and fuel comes from. This link creates a personal connection between the classroom and a volunteer in the agriculture community.

Volunteers come from across the Nebraska agriculture community and classroom participants come from across the state as well and can be urban or rural. Topics discussed in the letters relate to natural resources, seasons, nutrition, communities, the environment, weather, and the culture of rural Nebraska.

Each year the Ag Pen Pal Program matches volunteers to help more than 5,000 students understand and appreciate the agriculture around them.

Why do participants participate?

It’s Easy

The commitment is just three letters during the school year spread across the fall, winter, and spring. This is a low time, high impact opportunity!

It’s Fun

The questions asked and received will make your day! Many students share photos, artwork, and about me information while farmers and ranchers share photos, videos, and seed and fiber samples.

It Makes a Difference

The Ag Pen Pal Program provides a personal connection to someone within the agriculture community and supplements learning by aligning with Nebraska State Language Arts Standards.

The Ag Pen Pal Program begins each year on September 1 and the volunteer sends the first letter by September 30. Sign up for the program opens on April 1 and closes August 10.

If you have questions about the Ag Pen Pal Program, please contact Ashley McClinton at or (402) 421-4747.


Get connected today!
Making the Program a Success

This guide contains ideas to get started and resources available to you. A program guide and match will be mailed to participants in late August after signing up. Access the online version of the program guide here.

Farmers and Ranchers

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Making the Program a Success

Use this program guide for tips and ideas of how to begin writing to your classroom. Remember, real world relationships take time to develop and this one will too. A program guide and match will be mailed to participants in late August after signing up.


Do you have a story about your experience in the Ag Pen Pal Program? Please share your story and photos here about your Ag Pen Pal experience. Stories are an important tool for education and fundraising efforts.

All feedback is welcome and will help us to improve the program. This information helps us reflect on our work, demonstrate the different made in peoples lives, generate support, and build a greater understanding of our programs to the public.

*Evaluations will be released April 1 for you to share about your school year experience in the Ag Pen Pal Program.