Promotion and Education Committee

The Promotion & Education Committee (P&E Committee) is appointed by the Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation Board president. The committee is made up of P&E members from across Nebraska. During their time on the committee, members are given training on leadership and agricultural issues, and they hone other professional skills.

The committee members are a very dedicated group of individuals who work very hard to ensure the ideals of Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation are upheld and that farmers and ranchers throughout the state are represented.

If you are looking for an individual to speak at an event about the latest topics in agriculture, please contact Megahn Schafer at (402) 421-4742 to schedule a speaker.

Pictured L-R: Lisa Lunz, Natasha Schumacher, Andra Smith, Hilary Maricle, Brooke Engelman, Julie Wilke, Sarah Bomark, Dawn Kucera (Not pictured, Paula Peterson)
Committee Members:

Chair: Paula Peterson, Lancaster County
At-Large Federation Board Representative: Hilary Maricle, Boone County
Northwest District: Natasha Schumacher, Box Butte County
North Central District: Andra Smith, Blaine County
Northeast Region: Dawn Kucera, Madison County
Southwest Region: Becky Schwarz, Phelps/Gosper County
Central Region: Julie Wilke, Platte County
South Central Region: Brooke Engelman, Jefferson
Southeast Region: Joy Lauritsen, Washington County