Virtual Field Trips

Take the Farm Experience Directly Into a Classroom!

Virtual Field Trips allow farmers and ranchers to open their barn doors to show students what happens on their farms and ranches. The farmer or rancher uses a tablet to connect with classrooms to be a part of a live, video-chat allowing students to have their questions answered in real time.

Nebraska Offers:

  • Corn Planting
  • Corn Harvest
  • Three-Part Pig Series

Benefits of Virtual Field Trips

Question & answer session

No transportation costs

Interactive experience

What Do Teachers Have To Say?

The class learned more because of being on site.

This was an awesome experience and my kids loved that they could ask questions live!

Classroom Requirements

  • Device connected to internet
  • Webcam and microphone
  • Access to Google Hangouts

Upcoming Events

Coming soon!


Have you participated in a Virtual Field Trip? Please share with us about your Nebraska Agriculture in the Classroom Virtual Field Trip experience. All feedback is welcome and will help us to improve the program. In addition, stories are an important tool for education and fundraising efforts. Please share your story with us!