Event Planning Toolkit

Let’s Plan an Event

  • Event type, theme, ideas – Feasibility and timing
  • Available resources
  • Key messages to promote

Form a Planning Team

  • Have a meeting
  • Discuss format of event
  • Arrange speakers and/or tour stops – Assign tasks – ie.: program, meal, sponsors, advertising

2 Months in Advance

  • Plan your promotion
  • Who do you want to attend?
  • How do you want to reach them? – Print promotion (ads for the paper) should be created now
  • Invite your guests
  • Send personal invitations to guests

1 Month in Advance

  • Finalize social media posts to promote event
  • Host a planning team meeting – Discuss event progress
  • Develop event agenda and timing – Think about promotional items or giveaways
  • Invite the media to cover your event, Nebraska Farm Bureau can help!

1 Week in Advance

  • Finalize agenda
  • Contact speakers to confirm details – Obtain final numbers of participants – Finalize push for promotion
  • Contact local media
  • Utilize social media
  • Word of mouth never hurts

Event Week

  • Rally volunteers
  • Use enthusiasm
  • Thank them in advance
  • Provide detailed instructions or training – Make sure your location is presentable for your guests
  • Finalize key messages and information to provide guests
  • Ensure safety regulations are in place

After Event

  • Thank volunteers and sponsors
  • Send photos, captions, and a short description along with some key points to the media
  • Post your photos
  • Make notes to review for next time
  • Submit pictures to Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation to use is marketing

After Event

  • Emphasize the importance of Nebraska agriculture
  • Stay on time and stay positive
  • Allow time for question/answer period – Ask participants to complete evaluation