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Farmers and Ranchers Celebrate Agriculture at Lincoln Children’s Museum

LINCOLN, NEB. – Discovering the wonders of farming, ranching, and all things agriculture, Nebraska’s farmers and ranchers gathered at the Lincoln Children’s Museum to celebrate National Agriculture Day with families in the Lincoln area. Here We Grow, the newly opened Lincoln Children’s Museum exhibit, offers a wide range of entertaining and educational activities for children to explore the world of agriculture. In honor of National Agriculture Day on March 19, 2024, the Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation provided free admission to the museum and invite visitors to learn more about agriculture.

The event featured farm and ranch volunteers from the Nebraska Farm Bureau Promotion and Education (P&E) and Young Farmers and Ranchers (YF&R) committees. More than 650 were able to interact with farmers and ranchers, plant their own seeds, ask questions about how food is grown, discover how natural resources are protected, and much more at the agriculture day celebration.

“It’s not every day that a tractor or a cow find their way to downtown Lincoln,” said Andra Smith, NEFB P&E Committee Chair and Blaine County Farm Bureau member. “Providing an opportunity for our urban communities to interact with agriculture creates a lasting impact. We are excited to continue to build a community that understands agriculture through opportunities like this.”

The Lincoln Children’s Museum provided an interactive space for families to learn and explore. Here We Grow is the newly developed exhibit dedicated to helping visitors of all ages learn about agriculture. The exhibit includes a water table with a center pivot and water cycle simulation, “Careers in Agriculture” costume section, life-size steer and pig, and a hands-on egg sorting game.

“This event was a wonderful opportunity for families to learn more about Nebraska agriculture and the people that live it every day,” Courtney Shreve, senior director of outreach education with the Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation said, “As cities continue to grow, people move further away from where their food comes from. Thanks to the Lincoln Children’s Museum newly developed exhibit, children can play and parents can learn more about Nebraska’s number one industry: agriculture.”

The mission of the Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation is to engage youth, educators, and the general public to promote an understanding of the vital importance of agriculture in the lives of all Nebraskans. The Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. For more information about the Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation, visit

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