Kindergarten – Second Grade

LiveExperiences03Spring into Science! Farm in a Glove at Home

Let’s think about plants…what do they need to grow? Follow along at your own pace with videos, photos, and a scientific journal as an education specialist discusses the vital role farmers serve in meeting plants needs. Provide students with our Scientific Journal to follow along for five days of video updates and photos for six days showing the growth of each seed.

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Would you like your own Farming in a Glove kit? Contact agfoundation@nefb.org to get yours today!

SelfGuidedOpportunities04Lunchbox Mysteries

How did our food get to our house? Where did it come from? Who grew my food? Engage in a short video with Nebraska Agriculture in the Classroom to discover how the food on your plate gets to you from a farmer’s field. At the end of each video lesson, students can extend learning by using common food items to create a healthy and nutritious snack.

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SelfGuidedOpportunities02My American Farm

My American Farm is an educational game platform to engage pre-K through fifth grade learners. The site offers 19 agriculturally themed games and more than 100 free educator resources such as lesson plans, activity sheets, and comics. Download the app or visit the website!

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Third – Fifth Grade


This online learning tool introduces new, non-fiction text to support Nebraska fourth grade content area standards for language arts, social studies and science. This series is available in English and Spanish! Print or complete online!

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SelfGuidedOpportunities05AgVenture Lessons

Get up close with learning about food, the environment, nutrition, and business. Engage in a short video with Nebraska Agriculture in the Classroom to learn about Nebraska’s #1 industry: agriculture. Each lesson is aligned to Nebraska State standards within science, social studies, math, or language arts

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Sixth – Twelfth Grade

SelfGuidedOpportunities03 Journey 2050

The year 2050 is a key moment in time – the world’s population will be a projected 10 billion. Food production will need to rise! Are you up for the challenge? Follow real farm families through videos and games to learn to balance your social, economic, and environmental impact on our world’s sustainability.

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