Teacher Toolkit – Kindergarten

Where do I Start?

Begin to build your Nebraska AITC Teacher Toolkit with these kindergarten specific ideas. From resources to lesson plans to in-person opportunities, you can find the right fit for your classroom.

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Between the Rows

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Ag Pen Pal Program

Connect with a farmer or rancher by exchanging three letters during the school year. Learn about natural resources, seasons, nutrition, communities, the environment, weather, and the culture of Nebraska. The program begins September 1, and sign up opens April 1 of each year.

Classroom Visit

Participate in a grade-specific, hands-on lesson with a Nebraska Agriculture in the Classroom professional educator. Each lesson is aligned with Nebraska State Education Standards and takes students on an exploration of Nebraska integrating classroom topics and agriculture. We recommend starting with the lesson, Apples Inside & Out. Students will listen to a sweet story, create their own apple to hang on a class apple tree, and use their five senses to learn about apple nutrition and parts of the fruit.

I’m Warming Up

Continue building your Nebraska AITC involvement by growing your toolkit with these kindergarten specific opportunities.

Classroom Visit

Invite an education specialist back to your classroom for your second Classroom Visit! Select from lessons like Milk or Meat? or Down on the Farm to engage students through different agriculture topics and content areas.

Literature Guides

Each guide introduces a beautiful, imaginative, lively picture book and is accompanied by language arts lessons. AITC recommends the guide and book, The Apple Orchard Riddle by Margaret McNamara. Students will explore adjectives and personality traits and then portray those traits in a play-acting activity with scenes from the book.

Supplemental Materials

Request FREE A to Z posters by emailing foundationforag@nefb.org.

Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation Field Trip Grant

Apply to receive funding for entry fees and/or transportation fees to travel to a working farm or ranch to view modern day agriculture. Field trips must be completed between October 1 and June 1. The application opens in September and remains open until all annual funding is awarded.

I’m All In

Now that you’re hooked on AITC resources, continue to build your toolkit with grade-specific lessons and connect with educators across the state and nation to find additional ways to bring agriculture to life in your classroom.

Instructional Materials

Engage students in activities that align to standards and explore teaching themes such as inquiry-based learning and three-dimensional learning. Use the Curriculum Matrix to find lessons on specific topics and themes for your classroom.

Nebraska Teacher Engagement

Throughout the year, find Nebraska AITC educators at conferences or attend an online or in-person AITC hosted professional development event. This is an opportunity to obtain free resources and develop strategies for embedding authentic agriculture examples into curriculum. Learn more about upcoming workshops online, or contact the Foundation to host an event at your school!

National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference

Join educators from across the nation to learn how to use agricultural concepts to teach reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and more at the annual national convention. Explore agriculture across the country as the conference has a new location each year.

Are you looking for even more ways to get involved?

Contact Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation with questions to grow your AITC Teacher Toolkit.