Make & Take Activity – Baseball Charm

Create your own bracelet to connect baseball objects and the farm!

Garner Interest

Ask youth, “What are some examples of crops and livestock farmers raise in Nebraska?” Accept answers and guide youth to the understanding that products people use every day come from a farm or a natural resource.

Continue by asking youth if they enjoy baseball. Share that the game of baseball could not exist without agriculture. Ask students, “What objects or food at a baseball game come from a farm?”

Accept answers and explain to students they will be making a baseball charm bracelet to learn more about objects and foods at a baseball game that are made with items that are grown or raised on a farm.

Conduct Activity

Have each youth take a pipe cleaner. Explain that they will be placing one bead of each color on to the pipe cleaner and the leader will explain what the bead represents in baseball and agriculture. Use the guide below for explanation.

  • Baseball Bead – Beef
    • Beef can be found in leather products such as gloves and cleats.
  • Pink Bead – Pigs
    • Pork can be found in hotdogs at the concession stand.
  • Brown Bead – Dairy Cattle
    • Dairy cattle produce milk which is made into ice cream and nacho cheese at the game.
  • White Bead – Chicken
    • Chicken can be found at the concession stand as chicken strips and chicken wings.
  • Yellow Bead – Corn
    • Corn is used to make tortilla chips for nachos and bubbles in sodas.
  • Green Bead – Soybeans
    • Soybean oil can be used to fry foods at the concession stand and can be found in paint used in the stadium.

Make a Connection to Agriculture

The bases are loaded, and a batter is up to the plate. You’re on the edge of your seat thinking about that pitch, not about agriculture. But without agriculture, you wouldn’t be watching the game! Agriculture is the science of growing crops and raising livestock. Baseball has been around for decades played in sandlots, streets, parks, and major league stadiums. But what is baseball without agriculture? Nothing! The food, the equipment, and the site all got their start because of agriculture. So, as you head out to ball games this season, think of agriculture. Because farmers and ranchers have a dedication to the products they provide.


  • Pipe cleaner
  • Baseball bead
  • Brown bead
  • Pink bead
  • White bead
  • Yellow bead
  • Green bead


Separate beads by color in individual bowls.