Giving Tuesday

Provides customized lessons and hands-on activities provide students with opportunities to develop an awareness that agriculture is their source of food, clothing, and shelter.

A $100 donation will help support an Ag in the Classroom presentation fo K-5 students.

Provided agricultural literacy training and local service opportunities to members of 57 FFA Chapters participating in our Connecting Chapters program.

A $50 donation will provide members of an FFA Chapter supplies to lead an ag literacy activity at their school.

Provided more than $50,000 in scholarships and awards to college students and agricultural education teachers in Nebraska.

A $25 donation, combined with gifts from others, will provide scholarships to students who are the future of Nebraska agriculture.

Created AgMag, an agriculturally themed reading resource that showcases Nebraska’s #1 industry, and made it available, free of charge, to every fourth grade classroom in Nebraska.

A $10 donation will provide an AgMag to every student in one Nebraska classroom.

Distributed 45,000 Nebraska Agriculture Activity Books at fairs, festivals, rest-stops, and events throughout the state.

A $5 donation will provide Activity Books to youth at festivals and fairs.

Imagine how many more positive impressions of agriculture can be made with your help today. The next milestone in agricultural literacy in Nebraska awaits your investment.