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Nebraska Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC) provides classroom visits for Pre-K - 6th grade students. Customized lessons and hands-on activities provide students with opportunities to develop an awareness that agriculture is their source of food, clothing, and shelter. Each lesson is aligned to Nebraska State Education Standards within science, social studies, math, or language arts.

By participating in a Classroom Visit, students will:

  • Engage in a hands-on activity.
  • Understand that agriculture is essential to everyday life.
  • Identify agricultural animals and plants grown in Nebraska.
  • Explore learning through the lens of the food, fiber, and fuel system.

Why Agriculture?
Agriculture means survival. In Nebraska, 1 in 4 jobs are related to agriculture. Agriculture provides a rich context for Nebraska’s past and present, the environment, food production, nutrition, and economics.


Lesson Opportunities

The following Lesson Opportunities will be available in Fall 2019 and are grade specific. New lessons will become available in Spring 2019. Use the links below to sign up for Nebraska Agriculture in the Classroom staff to visit your classroom! Please contact Brooke Tempel at (402) 421-4408 for questions regarding Classroom Visits.


Seasons of an Apple Tree

Nebraska State Standard Connection: SS 0.3.3.b Identify the four seasons.

Sweet, nutritious, and delicious! How does the apple tree change over the year? This lesson illustrates an apple tree’s growth by having students work as a team to create a display about the four seasons. Students will learn about the life cycle and seasonal changes of an apple tree.

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1st Grade

Seed Sorting for Sources

Nebraska State Standard Connection: SS 1.3.5.b Match resources to their sources (e.g., food from farms, wood from trees, minerals from the ground, fish from the sea).

From resources to sources! Students will explore the importance that seeds play in our daily lives through an interactive game to match Nebraska’s seeds to their food, fiber, or fuel source!

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2nd Grade

Farming in a Glove

Nebraska State Standard Connection: SC 2.72.A What does a plant need to grow?

Let’s think about plants…what do they need to grow? Plants need L.A.W.N.S: light, air, water, nutrients, and space to grow. Nebraska’s farmers serve a vital role in meeting plants’ needs because the availability of resources varies from one ecosystem to another. In this lesson, students will identify what plants need to survive, grow their own plants, and use a scientific journal to track the growth of their farm in a glove.

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3rd Grade

Going Hog Wild with Pigs!

Nebraska State Standard Connection: SC.3.7.2.C Construct an argument with evidence that in a particular habitat, some organisms can survive well, some survive less well, and some cannot survive at all.

Did you know pigs can’t sweat?  Like humans and other animals, pigs have four basic needs – air, water, food, and shelter. Pigs raised on farms live in environments that are designed to help farmers meet these needs. Students will design and create a pig barn that will help farmers meet the needs of pigs.

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4th Grade

What Goods & Services Can Nebraska Provide?

Nebraska State Standard Connection: SS 4.2.12.a Compare Nebraska with different regions and the goods and services each region produces (e.g., beef, wheat, telemarketing, cotton, coal).

In Nebraska, agriculture means survival. 91% of the land is used for farming and ranching in our state; but how is it used to provide goods and services? In this activity, students will use play-dough to demonstrate how small a proportion of the Earth has the appropriate conditions for successful agricultural activities. Students will engage in critical thinking to discover how Nebraska’s farmers and ranchers make wise use of limited agricultural land while exploring Nebraska’s different climates, landscapes, plants, and animals that provide goods and services.

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5th Grade

From Soybeans to Car Parts

Nebraska State Standard Connection: SS 5.2.12.b Investigate and report on entrepreneurs and inventors.

From entrepreneurs and inventors to soybeans and car parts, students will investigate the collaborative work of an agriculture scientist and engineer who found new uses for soybeans. Students will use critical thinking and creativity to design their very own invention in addition to exploring ways in which we can use by-products from local Nebraska farms.

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Have you participated in a Classroom Visit? Please volunteer feedback and comments about your recent participation in a Nebraska Agriculture in the Classroom Visit. All feedback is welcome and will help us to improve the program. In addition, stories are an important tool for education and fundraising efforts. Please share your story with us!

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