The Ag Pen Pal Program connects farmers and ranchers with classrooms to help students understand where their food, fiber, and fuel comes from. This link creates a personal connection between the classroom and a volunteer in the agriculture community.

Volunteers come from across the Nebraska agriculture community and maintain a connection with their classroom throughout the school year. Classroom participants come from across the state as well and can be urban or rural.

To Participate

Teachers who would like to participate must commit to having contact with their assigned farm or ranch pen pal at least three times during the school year: fall, winter and spring. This can be done through letters, emails, visits or video chats.

Some teachers and students that participate in the program:

  • Ask questions about everyday life on the farm or ranch
  • Send photos of themselves and their classrooms
  • Send classroom projects they have made

Nebraska Agriculture in the Classroom aligns its programs to Nebraska State Standards. View the standards fulfilled by the Ag Pen Pal Program here.

Current Ag Pen Pal Classrooms

We’re so happy you’ve joined! The Ag Pen Pal Program was created to provide a face in the agriculture community for students to see the daily life of a farmer or rancher.

Every year this program matches volunteers to help more than 5,000 students understand and appreciate the agriculture around them. Thank you for volunteering your time to help your students learn more! See below for resources to help build your relationship with your farm or ranch volunteer.

Classroom Sign Up


Ag Pen Pal educators, please share comments about the Ag Pen Pal Program. All feedback is welcome and will help us to improve the program. In addition, stories are an important tool for education and fundraising efforts. The evaluation provides a space to share stories. This information helps us reflect on our work, demonstrate the difference made in people’s lives, generate support, and build a greater understanding of our programs to the public. 

Take Evaluation


Use this guidebook for tips and ideas of how to begin writing to your farm or ranch pen pal. Remember, real world relationships take time to develop and this one will too. Send photos, create a photobook, or send videos to develop a positive relationship with your farmer or rancher.

Explore these resources for helpful program tips:

Download Classroom Handbook

Between the Rows Newsletter

Between the Rows is a monthly newsletter for participating teachers, volunteers, and friends of Nebraska Agriculture in the Classroom.

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